Vastu tips for a temple at home

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A temple at home brings in a lot of positivity and always keeps the spiritual side of the residents ignited. Most Indians choose to have place for prayer in their home, but this chosen corner if is Vastu compliant doubles the prosperity.  Therefore administer these Vastu Shastra guidelines to ensure maximum positive effects for the home’s inhabitants.


In Mumbai city there is a substantial space crunch, therefore it is not always possible in metropolitan cities to have a separate puja room though it would be ideal for the peace and prosperity of the inhabitants.

Since the temple area, should be a zone of tranquility so if not a rooms it is best to set up a small altar on the east wall, towards the north-east zone of the house. Avoid placing the temple in the south, south-west or south-east zones of house.

Moreover, the earth’s tilt is also towards the north-east direction only and it moves with the starting point of the north-east. Hence, the placement of the temple in this area of the house would energize the occupants. A temple placed in the centre of the house a region that is called as the Brahmasthan is also said to be auspicious and can bring prosperity and good health for the inmates.


The temple in any case should not be placed directly on the floor. It should be constructed on a raised platform or pedestal. The materials used for these auspicious constructions should be marble or wood. Vastu advises to avoid temples made from glass or acrylic. Also it should be clutter free also in terms of multiple idols of the same God or Goddess in different positions. One should bear in mind that damaged or broken idol or photos should be replaced in the temple. Pooja should be a family affair if possible. Hence, one should ensure that there is enough space for the family to sit down and pray. The temple area should have good and healthy flow of energy. So, keep it neat and clean, without dust or cobwebs and avoid stuffing the space with too many accessories. Above all, the temple should give you a feeling of serenity and calmness.

Few tips in brief to be followed

· The light or diya, should be placed on the right side of the person performing a pooja.

· Decorate the temple with fresh flowers. Light a few aroma candles, dhoop or incense sticks, to cleanse the area and create a divine ambiance.

· Photographs of the dead/ancestors, should not be kept in the temple.

· Create a small shelf near the temple, to place the incense, puja materials and holy books.

· Ensure that there are electric points near the temple, so that one can light up the temple during festive days.

· Avoid keeping unnecessary items below the temple or dustbins in this area.

· Some people keep the temple in the bedroom or kitchen. In such cases, hang a curtain in front of the temple, when you are not using the temple.

· Temple should not be against a wall that has a toilet behind it. It should also not be placed below a toilet on the upper floor.

· For the temple space, use white, beige, lavender or light yellow colours.

· Temple should be placed higher so that God feet must come to the level of devotee’s chest.

· Keeping God’s idol which is more than 10 inches is considered inauspicious.

· Always keep some insulation while praying or sitting in the temple such as mat or carpet.

· Wooden temples should always have dome at the top.

· Dia in the temple should be lit in South-east. The temple at home, is a sacred place where we worship God. So, naturally, it must be a positive and peaceful place. Flats in Goregaon East often are constructed keeping spaciousness and positivity in mind. Thus The temple area, when placed according to Vastu Shastra, can bring health, prosperity and happiness to the house and its occupants therefore in your new construction in Goregaon East do follow the above Vastu tips for your temple place.

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