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Buying a new property in Mumbai is one of the most important decisions you take in life and it
requires careful planning. Being aware of some details about Mumbai real estate and important
points about buying a house mainly can help choosing the property that meets all your needs and
fulfils your ambition of owning the dream home you always wanted.

Before starting the process of finding the perfect property for you and your family among the wide
range of options. You must decide the purpose of your purchase, is it settling in and owning a
residence that nurture your family, or you’re aiming to buy property in Mumbai as an investment. In
both cases you’ll have some extra decisions to make in order to narrow the options and limit your

After deciding your intention of purchasing a property, you need to sort your priorities in terms of
location, property type, size, price and the amenities available in the vicinity in which you want to

Location: it depends on your preferences and lifestyle and whether you’d like to live in a quiet place surrounded by nature that allows you to enjoy peace and calmness, or you prefer to buy property in Mumbai downtown and live in the heart of the bustling city. Know the views you want your home to overlook, maybe you aspire waking up every morning to the clear sky or to the vast green spaces from your balcony where your eyes can rest and mind wander. A location and great connectivity that makes your journey to work every day shorter and easier, a district with expected potentials that you think might provide an extra value to your property or a desired location that makes it easier to let the property as an investment.

Property type: this can be decided with association to the purpose of buying, as well as your budget and lifestyle.If your aim is to invest in a property for sale then you need to search for a property type that is highly demanded in the Mumbai real estate market and easy to handle in a way that makes it profitable. But if your aim is to reside the property and settle in, you’ll need to ask yourself some questions. Like, do you want a standalone house that guarantees your privacy or an apartment in a luxury building that is easy to maintain? You have several options in Mumbai real estate market to choose from.

Size: Pay extra attention in deciding the size and number of rooms, because this has a huge impact on the quality of your life. Considering it’s the space that you’ll live and move around every day, it has to be enough for every family member to have their private space that doesn’t stand in others’ way.

Amenities: It’s the kind of facilities and services you need close to you. Perhaps you want educational institutions from schools and universities to be nearby. Maybe hospitals, clinics, malls, road connectivity a metro station, or some exceptional amenities and recreational services giving you the impression of being in a fancy place all year long.

Price:Study your budget and take your whole financial situation into account, your current savings, your monthly income, and whether you are illegible for a loan or not.

Finally, you must choose whether you’re going for an under construction or a ready to move in property. JE & VEE Infrastructure has both the options and deciding this is linked with your plans and circumstances. if you plan to buy property in Mumbai so you can have an investment with fast returns, or you are in a hurry to settle down and looking forward to start living in your own house, or even feel the need to see the property physically standing before you to be able to inspect it carefully beforehand, you might choose a ready to move in property. But if you’re looking to make the best out of the investment and aiming to buy property in Mumbai at the reasonable price possible and you don’t mind waiting for it to be ready.

Choosing the right developer and owning the best homes that suits you and comforts your lifestyle is an important factor in making your life happier and more comfortable and is an important part of it. Organizing your priorities based on the factors mentioned is the first step to find the perfect property.

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