7 easy way to stay cool this summer


Most people incline on air-conditioner to keep the home cool during summers, it’s time to find the simple ways to keep your house cool and relaxed.

Have more plants

Plants acts as air purifiers and moreover provide the much-needed shade and freshness. A fresh plants in and around the home creates an energizing setting and in summer it helps to maintain a cool environment. The best place to plant more trees and creepers is facing the east and west to escape the rays of the sun.

Interchange candent lights

Ever thought of replacing the candent lights in your home, summer is the precise time to do so. Select energy-efficient replacements like LED or CFL as halogen and candent bulbs emanate a lot of heat. Whenever possible use natural daylight and switch off the lights when you really don’t need.

Let the night air be in

The temperatures dip during the early mornings from 5 to 8 am and at night 7 to 11 pm giving a relief from the scorching heat. You can make the most of this by keeping the windows open and let the breeze flow in. Opening the windows at opposite sides of the room can allow cross-ventilation and a pleasant cool breeze.

Keep blinds closed

The rooms absorbs heat during the day time when the sunlight comes in through the windows. This heat remains in the room even during the night. So it’s suitable to keep the blinds closed during day time or draw the curtains to insulate the room from direct sunlight. The other way is use protective films for your windows if you wish to further reduce the hot air.

Turn on exhaust fans

This may sound a bit insignificant but exhaust fans play a major role to thrust hot air out from kitchen and bathrooms. You may usually notice that hot air from gas, oven lingering in the kitchen or after a shower, you may find warm air trapped inside the bathroom, so the exhaust fan switched on for a few minutes will help to push this hot air outside.

Unplug unwanted electronics

Electronic devices produce heat when they are plugged into the sockets and we often forget to remove the chargers after pulling out our phones and laptops from the sockets. So, if you are not charging or using laptop, mobile, TV, modem etc., unplug the wire from the sockets to reduce the heat generation as they drain lot of power even when switch is off.

Portable fans

One of the advantage of portable fans being compact you can carry to any room. The easiest way to reduce heat in living space is having such small portable fans or tower fans as it gives a better cooling as compared to ceiling fans. Other benefit is portable fans use less energy than ceiling fans and air conditioners.

Hope that you have found these tips worthwhile to keep your home cool this season. For more interesting blogs on various subjects visit https://www.jnvinfra.com.  

Save energy save cost. 

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